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Reporting Environment

When producing a table is as easy as this...

...why waste time writing programs?

An efficient reporting environment is critical not only to manage the way programs are developed, version controlled and validated, but also to manage what happens to the tables, listings and figures that are generated. Grouping the tables, listings and figures in the structure that they will be presented in the appendix or as an in-text table or figure will ensure that it is easy to see what has been done and what is still left to do. Our MeD-OMS ecosystem has been designed to go through the full reporting process from generating SDTM/ADaM datasets to tables, listings and figures, to RTF files, reports and presentations. It is designed not only with the end in mind, but also with an eye to the future, one that will allow more tools to be integrated without impacting those that are already part of the system.

With over 20 years of experience in reporting clinical trials, we know how important it is to ensure that our precious resources are not wasted reproducing something that has already been produced. We have therefore developed a unique reporting environment that can not only auto-generate analysis programs, they can even produce tables, listings and figures without any programs based on company standards. This allows our precious resource to be used to investigate new analysis and to ensure the data is clean.

The MeD-OMS system not only allows the generation of outputs in the most efficient manner possible, it offers tools to make use of these outputs for many different purpose. The full traceability and validation reports takes care of the documentation required for submission, while the possibility to produce RTF files means the Medical Writers do not have to request additional tables from programmers. Finally, the interactive and animated presentation tool allows the users to generate presentations that use the results already generated to be presented in an interactive manner, either in tables or animated figures, without any further programming. Indeed a complete reporting environment for tomorrow, able to manage studies, projects and company standards.


  • Automation can reduce programming time and resources by more than 40%
  • Quality and consistency of programs that are easy to read for reviwers
  • Never need to re-write a program again as everything anyone has programmed within the system is searchable
  • Never need to worry about differences in programs or results as everything is fully traceable and comparable
  • Instantly visualise the current progress and status of programs and outputs
  • Easily share output across the organisation as the system is web-based

Key Functions

  • View all outputs and their current status instantly
  • Manage company standard shells for TLFs as data
  • Auto-generate all programs with automatic version control
  • Schedule jobs to run at specific times
  • Automatic creation of validation reports
  • Different access levels to a study from across the organisation
  • Advanced search of all programs, outputs and analyses performed so you never need to recreate something already done within your organisation

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