Boehringer Ingelheim
"Shafi Consultancy did some very complex and important data transformations for us for high profile multiple trials..."
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F. Hoffmann-La Roche
"Shafi Consultancy analysed a very large and complex database for us... "
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"...responding to FDA questions at short notice under extremely short timelines, Shafi Consultancy has helped our client ... meet all their timelines..."
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IMS Health
"Shafi Consultancy supported us with essential data transformations and analyses that ensured we met our project timelines...."
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PRMA Consulting
"Shafi ran a bespoke SAS training session for a small group of us to...."
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SAS Consultancy

SAS consultancy can be found everywhere; however, a good SAS consultancy firm has the experience to back up its decisions. We have been providing SAS consultancy support for over ten years and have been working in the Pharmaceutical Industry for over twenty years. In our experience, an external organisation is often best placed to look at processes and standards and give an unbiased opinion on whether they are optimal or there is room for improvement.

Our experience in working with CROs, Pharmaceutical organisations and management consultancy firms means we have a wide range of experience from which we can draw our recommendations. Over the years we have advised our clients on everything from what constitutes good programming practices and how to implement good programming practices to how to assess training needs of their staff and develop validation SOPs and guidelines. We have also advised our clients on CDISC format data to help them determine where in the reporting process this should be implemented and how.

Our SAS consultancy services do not stop at just advising the clients on the best approaches towards solving their issues, we also provide solutions in the form of generic macros and template programs. When developing the appropriate solutions it is vital to take into account the experience and skill set of those who will use these programs. Our solutions are always provided such that they are easy to maintain and re-used again in the future, thus helping to reduce the cost and time of future studies.

See how our SAS consultancy can be of benefit to your organisation.