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"Shafi Consultancy did some very complex and important data transformations for us for high profile multiple trials..."
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F. Hoffmann-La Roche
"Shafi Consultancy analysed a very large and complex database for us... "
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"...responding to FDA questions at short notice under extremely short timelines, Shafi Consultancy has helped our client ... meet all their timelines..."
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IMS Health
"Shafi Consultancy supported us with essential data transformations and analyses that ensured we met our project timelines...."
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PRMA Consulting
"Shafi ran a bespoke SAS training session for a small group of us to...."
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SAS training

Please visit our dedicated www.sas-training.com page for more details.

Training is very important in any discipline and SAS training is no different. It is often easy to see the difference between someone who is self-taught, just learned SAS on the job, and someone who was trained as a SAS programmer.

It is easy to learn to write code but there is a big difference between a coder and a programmer.

A coder will write a piece of code to solve the problem they were asked to solve.

A programmer will look to see why the problem occurred and try to see if things done previously that led to the problem can be changed so that the problem does not occur at all. If there were no issues beforehand then the programmer will write a program that not only solves the current issue, but will also prevent the issue from recurring.

At Shafi Consultancy we take pride in the training we provide.We take the time to understand your needs and provide you the training that will benefit you the most. Our trainers are highly experienced in providing training, and the level of service and quality we provide means our trainees and the organisations we work with come back to us when they have further training requirements in the future.

We provide training on an individual basis,to groups on-site, and on-line via videos. Our training modules for beginners and intermediate users are designed to not only show you how to do something, but also to inform you when to do it and when to avoid doing it.

Our training modules are based on individual needs, and they cover the full range of topics from data manipulation to data analysis. In addition to other more complex modules they also include the following:

  • Data step functions
  • SAS Procedures :
    • SQL
    • Transpose
    • Means, Freq, Univariate
    • Report
    • Tabulate
  • Macros
  • Good Programming Practice

We can assess the standard of SAS programming of an individual or a group, and then discuss the weaknesses to provide a tailor-made training program that is right for you.

Please go to our dedicated SAS training website www.sas-training.com and look at all the online SAS courses we offer or contact us to discuss your training requirements.