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Are we right for each other?

We encourage innovative thinking and problem solving. We want to stand out in the industry for this with the solutions we provide to our clients.

The pursuit of excellence is at the core of what we do, this requires

  • Good attention to detail

  • Passion about delivering a high quality product

  • Excellent communication

By not having share holders, allows us much greater flexibility in our direction and ability to think much further into the future.

We expect a good work ethic, but understand and support that you have a life outside of this.

We are one team, honest and respectful to one another. We praise those helping others to improve rather than competing with them.

We provide excellent training and support, as releasing a quality product is as important to us as hopefully it is to you.

You need to strive over time to be proactive and self motivating.

We believe fun and positivity at work is fundamental to being able to excel in what you are doing.

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Training Programme

At Shafi Consultancy we are proud to have in place  an excellent training programme. We train all our statistical programmers for at least four months.

We feel that this uninterrupted training period is essential to ensure all our programmers reach a consistent level of expertise, and that they have a clear understanding of the Shafi Consultancy way of working, both in terms of their approach to solving the problem and in how they set up programs and macros.


This way the programs are always consistent in the way they are set up and the way they are written, which will ensure making any future updates are much quicker and easier, regardless of who is making the update.

UK Vacancies

There is currently one vacant position available at our London office.

Senior Statistical Programmer 

Applicant must have at least a Bachelor degree in Statistics or Mathematics.

To Apply: Please email your CV and a covering letter to

Please feel free to Contact us or call us for further information on +44 7702 887 219.

EU Vacancies

There are currently no vacancies at this location.

Bangladesh Vacancies

There are currently no vacancies at this location.


Nabid Bin Hadi,

Senior Statistical Programmer

"With a positive work culture and quality supervision Shafi Consultancy allows you to make the most of your qualifications and abilities."


Rumana Khatun,

Senior Statistical Programmer

"The real difference is made by the people working within Shafi Consultancy and it’s all about passion, energy and dedication. That’s the main reason for sure, why I am here."


Rajwanur Rahman,

Principal Statistical Programmer

"Friendly environment which allows scope to implement new ideas."

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