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Animated Presentation Tool

Why interactive presentations?

Interactive and animated presentations not only elevate a presentation to the next level, its use of multidimensional data can give a much better overview and summary of the data than static tables and charts can ever achieve. Interactive presentations are therefore very sought after, however, they can be time-consuming and complicated to generate, and so they are very rare.

As an organisation specialising in developing solutions to make all aspects of reporting easier, we have developed a platform for generating interactive presentations. The results already derived for tables and figures are simply uploaded into the application and they can then be presented in many different interactive ways.

Whether it is to show disposition summaries at many different levels e.g. number of patients entered, how many of these were randomised, how many of these were treated and so on, or to show how lesions size changes over time in different treatments where the chart is presented as an animation, interactive presentations always leave the audience with an image imprinted in their mind that they remember long after the presentation is over. 

Would an animated or interactive presentation help your audience to get the most out of the summaries you have calculated? Our simple stand-alone system, or as part of a reporting environment will allow you to create interactive and animated presentations without any extra effort.

Interactive and animated presentations generated from existing results, without further programming!

Benefits of using the Animated Presentation Tool

Visualize Summary without any further programing

Dynamic graphics that change with the data

Identify specific events in your target population and check if there are any patterns for specific events

Review effects of covariates on results over time

Make presentations more interactive, dynamic, informative and memorable

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