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Metalytics is a clinical reporting tool that improves efficiency and accuracy for routine programming tasks, ensures oversight of resource and workflows, supports traceability,

and enables standard management.

Find out more in our Metalytics brochure here


Metalytics helps pharmaceutical sponsors and CROs increase statistical programming efficiency, traceability, and quality with our intuitive clinical trial reporting application created by programmers, for programmers.

Producing a Table is as easy as this...


Effortlessly generate Figures...


Some of the benefits of using Metalytics

Never need to re-write a program again as everything within the system is searchable

Quality and consistency of programs that are easy to read for reviewers

Automation can reduce programming time and resources by up to 60%

Instantly visualise the current progress and status of programs and outputs

Never need to worry about differences in programs or results as everything is fully traceable and comparable

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