Clinical trial reporting web application for programming and statistical analyses

If the answer is "No" to any of these questions then please click a topic above to find out more about how Metalytics can help you achieve these key regulatory and compliance requirements

See how Metalytics can enable you to do what is required

Producing a Table is as easy as this...

Effortlessly generate Figures...

Some of the benefits of using Metalytics

Never need to re-write a program again as everything within the system is searchable

Quality and consistency of programs that are easy to read for reviewers

Automation can reduce programming time and resources by up to 60%

Instantly visualise the current progress and status of programs and outputs

Never need to worry about differences in programs or results as everything is fully traceable and comparable

What else can it do?

Metalytics not only allows the generation of outputs in the most efficient manner possible, it offers tools to make use of these outputs for many different purposes. The full traceability and validation reports take care of the documentation required for submission, while the possibility to produce RTF files means the Medical Writers do not have to request additional tables from programmers.


Finally, the animated presentation tool allows the users to generate presentations that use the results already generated to be presented in an interactive manner, either in tables or animated figures, without any further programming. This creates a complete reporting environment for tomorrow, able to manage studies, projects and company standards.

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