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How do you keep consistent symbols across figures even when a treatment is missing?

#Visualisation is becoming more and more prominent in our daily work, and presenting #plots among the many different types of visualisations are as common today as it has ever been. With this in mind, one issue that I see always comes up is with regards to consistent symbols being used to represent a treatment or group across many #figures. There is nothing more confusing than having a symbol that represents one group in one plot then representing a different group in another plot.

I recently had to do this for some plots using #SGPLOT and again had to search around to find a solution. In this case I could do it with STYLEATTRS DATACOLORS=(xx xx) DATACONTRASTCOLORS=(red green), and resolved it as a one off solution as we were working with final data. However, you cannot always predict these, and having a solution that will work automatically if the issue comes up is a better solution.

Here is a paper we presented at a #Phuse conference many years ago, but the solution is still valid and used today. We use CALL EXECUTE to update the SYMBOL statement automatically, to ensure that the treatments have consistent symbols across figures even if some figures do not have one or more treatment groups in them.



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