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Established Risk Based Monitoring (RBM) web application


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Centralized Risk Based Monitoring at your fingertips

Some of the benefits of using RiskView

Raise Quality of data by intelligent monitoring

Significantly reduce the effort and cost of monitoring

Continuous Data Quality Oversight using the ongoing trial database

Follows the process defined by TRANSCELERATE

Central Monitors and CRAs can review and update all monitoring activities from a single system

What else can it do?

All monitoring tasks are automatically assigned by the system based on the risk scores of each site, and all activities are monitored by the Central Monitor to ensure the highest quality of monitoring is performed throughout the study.


Analytics of the monitoring activities are key to ensuring successful monitoring and the best quality of data in the study database.


This system not only brings everything to your fingertips, it allows you to see what is coming up and the impact of any interception immediately. 

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