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We are a CRO specialising in providing statistical and programming services for clinical trial reporting and in developing web applications designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.

Quick Guide to
Good Programming Practice

Download our free GPP guide to help you write robust, and efficient SAS programs that are easy to change and maintain, not only by yourself but by others too.


With over twenty years of experience in clinical trial reporting and supporting our clients, our team of experts are ready to provide you bespoke solutions that will help you deliver quality results,

on time

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Innovative web applications for Clinical Trial Reporting and Risk Based Monitoring that raise the efficiency and quality of these processes and add a unique level of management oversight

With a team of experts in CDISC dataset creation, documentation and regulatory requirements, we can provide you high quality submission ready deliverables, with the flexibility to work with legacy data and client specific standards

Our dedicated team have over 20 years of experience in providing a cost-effective process to produce your NONMEM datasets in a fast, consistent, traceable and fully validated package

Clinical Reporting? See how Metalytics can enable you to do what is required

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Or Contact us to arange Individual or Group Training with our SAS Experts, focusing on programming for clinical trial reporting.

Are you being compliant with the regulatory expectations regarding the monitoring of your trials and specifically fraud/misconduct?

About Us 

Quality, Efficiency and Innovation at the heart

Shafi Consultancy is a CRO driven by the pursuit of excellence. Our client base includes a diverse range of pharmaceutical and CRO companies working across all phases of drug development and therapeutic areas including oncology, respiratory and diabetes.


Our team of Statistical Programmers, Statisticians and Application Developers deliver high quality solutions and get it right the first time, with the aim to make future workload more efficient.  This drive for quality, efficiency and on time delivery is why our clients come back for repeat work.

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What makes us unique?

1. Exceeding the expectations of our clients is our #1 motivation. We provide tailored solutions that are not only best suited for your organisation, but are easily maintained and used in the future. 

2. We use our own web applications designed specifically for the Pharma industry. These provide key innovations such as auto-generation of programs. This gives us major efficiencies ultimately leading to huge savings for our clients.    

3. Our applications provide unique solutions to run projects with fewer people.  So we can deliver high quality with built in consistency at a reduced cost. Simply adding more people to every problem is not our way of thinking.

4. Our record for employees staying long term with the company is excellent. So our teams can build lasting relationships with our clients across the entire length of the project without disruption.


5. With experienced managers knowing first-hand what is expected, allows direct resolution of issues on the clients behalf, by people who excel in communication and delivering quality results on time. 





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We are always happy to talk!

More importantly, we are always happy to listen.


If you would like to discuss what we can do for you or to discuss your requirements, then please contact us using the  form below. 

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UK office

Shafi Consultancy Limited,
The Charter Building,
Charter Place,
UB8 1JG,
United Kingdom


Tel:  +44 7702 887 219

Bangladesh office

Shafi Consultancy Bangladesh,
93 Kajolshah,
Sylhet - 3100,


Tel:  +880 29 966 34387 
        +880 173 004 9205

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